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Hello nerds and nerdesses, welcome to The Osai Effect!
We had a really exciting week and we live in anticipation for the general Android version of the Samsung Galaxy Gear ^_^. Oh and we hope to get a device that rocks Kit Kat ASAP.
Well, without further ado, let us launch into the Weekend Playlist (as that is probably why you are here haha).
At number 5 this week we have a rare Trance song from a phenomenal South African DJ. When we first saw this song on Mtv, we were positively wowed. We give you: Spin My World Around (Feat the Arrows) – DJ Kent.
Watch on YouTube! http://goo.gl/4bjv8x
Breaking into our number 4 spot this week, we have a collaboration between two great Nigerian acts, Efa and Praiz. The first time we heard Praiz (while listening to Epic – MI) we thought he was John Legend haha. Nevertheless a beautiful musician, we present this beautiful RnB song: Over You (Feat Praiz) – Efa
Watch on YouTube! http://goo.gl/0V9NB7
download (3)
The Top Three 😀 Ok, this song should have been on our playlist last week but it is breaking in this week. We give you a track by a producer cum artiste who has produced for a number of stars; this beautiful song with a controversial video haha (trust Nigerians), *in the cowboy from Real Steel’s accent * we give y’all: La La La (Feat Sam Smith) by Naughty Boy
Watch on YouTube! http://goo.gl/lQRrvC
download (4)
At number 2 we have one of our favourite artiste/DJ’s song. We discovered the video on YouTube and the audio was sure to follow. We give ya I Need Your Love (Feat Ellie Goulding) – Calvin Harris
Watch on YouTube! http://goo.gl/xl7dvv
download (5)
And finally at the top of the list today *i should have bought you flowers…..* is a great RnB/Soul singer with a lovely song and Ol’ Skool video. This is Bruno Mars with Treasure!
Watch on YouTube! http://goo.gl/UPxb2b
download (6)
And that’s it folks! Thanks for reading.
Please leave your feedback in the comment box or holla at us on Twitter @TheOsaiEffect and add us on BBM: 7B963F97


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