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Hello nerds and nerdesses, welcome to The Osai Effect.

Game of the week

Our Game of the Week this time around may be a bit more than ‘engrossing’ as we played this one for hours some days.

This week we have as our Top Game: Hungry Shark Evolution. HSE is a 3D action game that follows the adventures of a shark out to be the meanest and baddest in the sea and eats fish and men and some birds to stay alive.

We love the fact that the sharks don’t develop too fast and not too slow. It’s such a great design because you see progress but it isn’t too easy. We also love the fact that you can upgrade your shark to a new one after a certain level and you can even give it some form of apparel which boosts the shark’s abilities. We love that you can actually play the game without spending any money to buy add-ons and equipment and we love the fact that we can use the ’tilt’ form or the virtual D-Pad. We even love the fun way the ads come on! HSE is that awesome!

hungry shark cover

We were unable to find anything wrong with Hungry Shark Evolution and so we rate it a big 8/10!

Download from the Play Store here:


That’s it from us folks, goodnight.

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