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Hello nerds and nerdesses, welcome to the Osai Effect

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This week we have something surreal to share with y’all. We met this dude sometime in May this year and we only just got the opportunity to work with him personally this week. His name is Lewis Nkem, and he is a [great] photographer! He made us discover how beautiful a city Ibadan is and although we were almost arrested by the cops on Sunday (really), the time we spent shooting was really great. This week, we are gonna be sharing some of his photos to y’all  (we did the edits ourselves in-house ^_^), and if you need him, send us an email at We give y’all Siwel Concepts: Abstracts

via @theosaieffect Siwel Concepts The Osai Effect 15via @theosaieffectvia @theosaieffectSiwel Concepts The Osai Effect 13via @theosaieffectvia @theosaieffectvia @theosaieffectvia @theosaieffectvia @theosaieffectvia @theosaieffectvia @theosaieffectSiwel Concepts The Osai Effect 5via @theosaieffectvia @theosaieffectvia @theosaieffectvia @theosaieffect

And that’s it from us folks, Sara Bada!

via @theosaieffect

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