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Hello nerds and nerdesses, welcome to the Osai Effect


Have you ever had so many pictures and videos that your SD Card and Internal memory space both got full? Have you ever woken up one morning only to find out that all your photos and videos are gone. A formatted memory card or a crashed memory card. They both amount to the same thing, though. You lose your files and that sucks! Well, worry no more because we got you covered!


Some Android devices synchronize photos and videos to Google automatically, but in case yours does not, we have just the right thing for you: Dropbox! Although we have had Dropbox as an App of the Week sometime in November, we believe a number of people are yet to benefit from the usage of Dropbox. When using Dropbox, you could turn on the automatic sync where anything captured by your camera gets uploaded automatically. Which means, one does not have to worry about lost data! Other files like songs and documents can also be uploaded and can be downloaded from any device signed into Dropbox with your email address.

via @theosaieffect

We sincerely hope the loss of files stops because that sucks majorly. Thanks for reading, Ciao! Please follow us on Twitter @TheOsaiEffect , on Google+ via +TheOsaiEffect and 7B963F97 on BBM. Read the older post HERE


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