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Hello nerds and nerdesses, welcome to the Osai Effect

via @theosaieffect
This week we have a very fun and easy to play 3D endless driver. When we first got a hold of this game, we played it for hours on end! This week we have Zombie Highway as our game of the week! There’s a wide selection of tracks, guns, and a number of cars to choose from making you the Zombie Kenpachi ^_^ Although unavailable on the Play Store, we are gonna drop a direct download link to our own hosting service! (You’ll have to tweet at us though, there is probably a reason why it is not on the Play store).

via @theosaieffect

Zombie Highway Thumb 2 The Osai Effect


That’s it from us here, Ciao! Please follow us on Twitter @TheOsaiEffect , on Google+ via +TheOsaiEffect , and 7B963F97 on BBM.


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