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Hello nerds and nerdesses, welcome to The Osai Effect
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Today, we kick off our Electronic Library segment! Good books like apps and games and songs are pretty hard to find; unlike the aforementioned that one could easily decide whether or not they are good, a person has to actually sit for a while before deciding whether a book is good or not. Well, worry no more because The Osai Effect has you covered! The books appearing here will be books we are either currently reading or have read and have certified to be good. Books are always a good source of entertainment, information and they also expand your vocabulary! We urge us to read at least one book a week and watch how well our grammar would improve! [In Electronic Library, we may also host short stories and flash fiction]. Well, without further ado, let’s get right to it!

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BOOK TITLE: The Blade Itself
AUTHOR: Joe Abercrombie
GENRE: Fantasy
PLOT: The Blade Itself is fantasy novel which begins with a pursuit through a forest by mythical creatures called Shanka [Flatheads]. The first character we meet, a barbarian called Logen ‘Bloody Nine’ Ninefingers, narrowly escapes with his life by jumping off a cliff. The following chapter introduces us to Inquisitor Sand dan Glokta, a wasted cripple but ruthless torturer who constantly questions his position in life. Logen is called south by a magus called Bayaz and his journey with him to Adua is one that is perilous and daunting. Webs upon webs of politics and deceit surround Inquisitor Glokta whose only joy is in his job. We meet Jezal dan Luthar, a pompous son of a wealthy lord. Although an officer in the army, Luthar is unblooded and yearns to prove himself in the Contest which is held annually by the King. We also meet Ferro Maljinn, a runaway slave from the Emperor of Gurkhul; she [Ferro] has sworn vengeance on the whole nation of Gurkhul and its’ citizens. The Blade Itself centers around nobility, politics, violence and magic. There is a touch of love, romance, friendship and honour in some of the characters and Abercrombie explores them most masterfully. Joe Abercrombie takes us into the heart of the Union and introduces us to fighters, politicians, lords, Inquisitors and so many other characters, introducing us to their lives, their families, their pain and suffering and their joys. The Blade Itself is a masterful work of fiction and the descriptive prowess of Abercrombie is still a dream for some writers.
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LIKES: The characters are very realistic and easy to believe; the plot is wonderful and seamless; there is synchronization of the whole book and one does not have to endlessly flip back to check what is what and who is who;
DISLIKES: None as of yet
RATING: The Blade Itself is a wonderful book and we give it a solid 8.5/10. A must read!

Due to copyright issues, we are unable to put up a download link here. However, you may tweet at us or send us an email [theosaieffect@gmail.com] and we would send you a copy of our own file. That’s it from us folks, goodnight! Please follow us on Twitter @TheOsaiEffect , Google+ via +TheOsaiEffect and 7B963F97 on BBM.


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