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Hello nerds and nerdesses, welcome to The Osai Effect
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Internet security is one thing that a number of us take for granted, from our pin numbers, to our passwords, our GPS coordinates and so many others. The laxity in internet security is the motivator for the segment and we are gonna share as much as we can to keep your identity, your data and your money safe.
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Today, we are gonna be talking about ‘Check In’ and ‘Location’ on Facebook. The Check-In feature was designed for one to check in into a public place or place of interest so that they could find landmarks and friends. I believe the location button in messages was also created for similar purposes. However nice these features are, hackers are on the prowl and these features give them a diplomatic passport into our devices.

Sharing locations is good but it’s pretty unadvisable when at home as we could be tracked to a very good degree of accuracy using Google Maps! (It’s a free app on Android!) We should take care to put it off when sending messages to people who we do not know personally and we should always put our GPS off until we want to use it.
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That’s our internet security tip for today, thanks for reading and please do share with others. Ciao! Please follow us on Twitter @TheOsaiEffect , Google+ via +TheOsaiEffect , and 7B963F97 on BBM.


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