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Hello nerds and nerdesses, welcome to The Osai Effect!

This week we decided to have a lil fun with our apps. I mean life is too serious already, the internet should add colour to it don’t ya think?

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This week, we have a funny lil app called Tune Me. Pretty sure you can guess what it does already 😀 Tune Me is an app that let’s you autotune your voice and add various effects. The Tuned Voice can be added to a default beat or any mp3 of choice once the Premium version is unlocked.

tune me

Tune Me provides a platform for you to have fun in a creative, not-too-restricted way and also to share with friends. We would have put up our project here but……….


And that’s it from us folks, goodnight!


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App of the Week

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Good morning, Nerds and Nerdesses, welcome to The Osai Effect.

Like we said earlier, we are adding a new section viz App of the Week. The app of the week is judged purely on our own usage and we suggest that you read the synopsis before download. Without further ado, we launch into the breakdown!

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Launching this section this beautiful morning, our AOTW is Dropbox! DB is a file cloud app that let’s one save files on their tablets, mobile phones or computers and have access to the saved files on any other device they are logged into which has a Dropbox app. It is also possible to get a link and send to any other user and they would be able to view and download your files. It is also possible to ‘favourite’ files and they  would be available for offline access (ie if the file was not originally saved on that device). Dropbox comes with free 2Gb storage, and is very easy to use (although it comes with a digital manual). 


Dropbox came most in handy when we wanted to send 25 large files and email was slow and uncertain. Dropbox eliminated all such uncertainties as progress can be monitored when files are being uploaded. It also came very much in handy when we wanted to work on some unfinished files that were saved on our computer which was not with us as at that moment.


And that’s our App of the Week. Thank you for reading!

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5 Must Have Android Apps

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Hello Nerds and Nerdesses, how are y’all doing?
Today we’re gonna drop a list of our top five apps of October (this doesnt mean the apps were released in October). The apps in this list came in handy most and we encourage every technophobe to download them! Without further ado, straight to the list!
4th dance
Our number 5 app is One Mobile Market. OMM came in handy when we could not find some particular apps on Google Play or when Play was misbehaving. OMM is also a very wonderful app as it offers some apps we don’t see on Play and the ‘editor’s choise’ is divided into three sections which makes it fun as we have a lot of apps and games to select from. One Mobile Market at number 5!

Our number 4 app is Tube Mate YouTube downloader. Now this app is awesome! It is really annoying when all we can do is watch videos on YouTube and not download them (all these white folks don’t know that our data is expensive abi? I pray MTN should go there). TubeMate solves that problem as it can download the videos in three qualities that you can choose from (720p for super HD and 380p for regular HD). TubeMate at number 4!

Our number 3 app is VLC media player! Yes we know VLC is popular already but there are still a number of us who do not have it. VLC lets you play file types that stock video players cannot open like mkv, m4a, vob, mov, wmv etc. Here is VLC at number 4!

Our number 2 app is Quickteller! Quickteller is a financial app that lets you recharge, transfer funds, check balance and pay bills all from the comfort of your phone! It may be a bit tricky to use if one is not used to financial apps but once you get the hang of it, it sure is awesome. The trick is to activate your Verve card so as to remove restrictions and voila! NB: Quickteller does not work with MasterCard or VISA so GTB and Unity Bank users may want to get alternate cards.
Quickteller at number 2!

And finally our number 1 app is Flash Share! Flash Share is just awesome! When people were struggling to download BBM, we just sent it from a Samsung device through FS! We sent the World War Z file of 1Gb in a matter of seconds with FS! FS does not use any data and it is literally lightning fast! Flash Share works across brands viz Samsung to Tecno, Tecno to Infinix, Infinix to Sony etc. Oh and you can send files to multiple people simultaneously! Flash Share at number 1!

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