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Hello nerds and nerdesses, welcome to The Osai Effect.

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This week was a bit hectic and tiresome what with so many projects on hand. Nevertheless, we had you in mind throughout and here we are today 😉

Without further gist let’s get to it!

Choosing tracks for this week was really difficult as there were so many tracks we wanted to add and so many tracks we love. Well, at number 5 we have this spanking new Nigerian track which we must say surprised the living daylight out of us as the deviation from his regular style was really much. We present to you: Jasi by Banky W!

Download from dindindara:


Jasi Banky W The Osai Effect

At number 4 we have another beautiful Nigerian track albeit old. A great afrobeat song and wonderful lyrics and voice. We just couldn’t stop jamming to this track all week long and we know you will too. We give you: Repete by Blackmagic!

Watch on YouTube:

Blackmagic Repete The Osai Effect


At number 3 we just happen to have another Nigerian track by our own (for now) favourite rapper! He is none other than Phyno the Ghost Mode crooner. At number 3 we have Man of the Year (Obago) – Phyno! (Did we mention that the video is awesome too?)

Watch on YouTube:


phyno man of the year The Osai Effect


This track is epic. When we heard it on the radio we were already grooving to it haha. This wonderful Acid Jazz song by South African band Mi Casa is at number 2 on the Weekend Playlist! Jika – Mi Casa

Watch on YouTube:


Jika Mi Casa

And finally at our number 1 spot, we have an old song that we’re pretty sure is pretty unknown. We have this wonderful House/Techno track from Canadian Producer Deadmau5 and Rob Swire (One of the top ten DJs in the world). We loved the Original and Album versions and this song has one of the most hilarious videos of all time 😀

We present to you: Ghosts N Stuff (Feat Rob Swire) (Album Version) – Deadmau5

Watch on YouTube:


Ghosts n Stuff Deadmau5 The Osai Effect

And that’s it from us folks. Goodnight.

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