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5 Must Have Android Apps

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Hello nerds and nerdesses, welcome to the Osai Effect

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Today is the last day of the month and we have our customary post. Last month’s apps were pretty hot and we had a lot of positive feedback. This month, we have some old apps making reappearances and some new ones making their debut appearance.

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At number 5 this month, we have Ebook Reader. ER was the App of the Week a couple of weeks back and we believe it is no surprise that we have it here. eBook Reader lets one download and read electronically published files as well as some native documents. eBook Reader came in handy when  we were reading some novels and textbooks. We also used it to read our language lessons.

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At Number 4 we a new app that was much anticipated in its release. It stormed the Android market and downloads are already in the millions! We are talking of none other than BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). BBM is a messenger/chat application that delivers messages and other forms of media in real time. Although the original release was fraught with bugs and errors, the latest version removes some and adds some new features like the separation of contacts into categories. BBM is for phones and there is no dedicated app for tablets. However, we got you covered at TOE, shoot us an email at theosaieffect.gmail.com and we will point ya in the right direction 😉

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At Number 3 we have one of our old appearances from last month. Our financial app Quickteller comes back better than the beta 😀 There are several new features like the ‘Remember my Verve Card’ and several bugs are fixed. Quickteller at Number 2!

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At Number 2 we have Google Translate. Google Translate is all types of awesome as it lets us translate slangs, phrases and even special characters (like Japanese and Chinese) to different languages. It came most in handy when we were talking to our Francophone colleagues and also our Chinese and Russian friends. Google Translate at Number 2!


And finally, at number 1 we have our most useful app for November. We bring you Flash Share again! Flash Share is a free file sharing app that lets you share apps, games, videos, music etc. Flash Share is unavailable on Play store and some phones may not let one install it (Samsungs and Sonys) without checking the ‘Install apps that are not from Google Play’ option in the System settings.

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That’s it from us folks, Yoro Shiku!

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App of the Week

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Hello nerds and nerdesses, welcome to The Osai Effect.

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This week we have one of our most useful and handy apps. As we earlier advised, our ‘App of the Week’ is based purely on our own usage and we advise you to read the synopsis.

The App of this week is called Ebook Reader. ER is capable of reading and opening PDF, docx and most importantly ePub files. Several novels and texts we were looking for had no PDF versions and ER helped us view the ePub in a fun and clear way. It bookmarks where one stops when he closes the app and it is able to change the orientation, brightness and scrolling method (this way seem trivial until you experience how annoying some apps can be).

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Although we love EBook Reader, we aren’t without complaints. It sometimes has some little dashes/hyphens on the pages when the memory is low; we would have preferred a ‘hey dude, memory is low, mind closing some apps?’ Message.

All in all though, we love Ebook Reader and we give it a massive 8/10.

NB: We could not find a direct download link online. Please use the Play Store app to search. The icon is as seen below (and ignore the other two icons).

Ebook Reader The Osai Effect

And that’s it from us folks. Goodnight!

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