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Good morning, Nerds and Nerdesses, welcome to The Osai Effect.

Like we said earlier, we are adding a new section viz App of the Week. The app of the week is judged purely on our own usage and we suggest that you read the synopsis before download. Without further ado, we launch into the breakdown!

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Launching this section this beautiful morning, our AOTW is Dropbox! DB is a file cloud app that let’s one save files on their tablets, mobile phones or computers and have access to the saved files on any other device they are logged into which has a Dropbox app. It is also possible to get a link and send to any other user and they would be able to view and download your files. It is also possible to ‘favourite’ files and they  would be available for offline access (ie if the file was not originally saved on that device). Dropbox comes with free 2Gb storage, and is very easy to use (although it comes with a digital manual). 


Dropbox came most in handy when we wanted to send 25 large files and email was slow and uncertain. Dropbox eliminated all such uncertainties as progress can be monitored when files are being uploaded. It also came very much in handy when we wanted to work on some unfinished files that were saved on our computer which was not with us as at that moment.


And that’s our App of the Week. Thank you for reading!

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